1. Introductory provisions

Aceste conditii de utilizare guverneaza drepturile si obligativitatile ambelor parti intre website-ul thebeautyreviewexpress.com (denumit in continuare ‘furnizor’) si utilizatorii serviciilor thebeautyreviewexpress.com (denumiti in continuare ‘utilizator’), obligatii ce decurg din incheierea contractelor de prestari de servicii (‘contract privind furnizarea de servicii’) incheiate prin intermediul site-ul web ale furnizorului, situat la adresa internet thebeautyreviewexpress.com (in continuare ‘site”) si eventual prin intermediul oricarei retea de socializare unde site-ul este prezent. Acordul reglementeaza si drepturile si obligativitatile si alte raporturi juridice conexe care decurg din utilizarea serviciilor thebeautyreviewexpress.com.

The supplier has the right to modify or supplement the conditions of use. The changes come into force immediately after the exposure of the acesotra in the platform.

thebeautyreviewexpress.com nu este un magazin online si nu se face responsabil pentru acuratetea datelor oferite de parteneri, inclusand preturile, descrierile produselor, dimensiunile, disponibilitatea sau corectitudinea imaginilor. Inainte de fiecare achizitie, va recomandm sa revizuiti datele de pe site-ul magazinului online la care ati fost redirecționat(a) din thebeautyreviewexpress.com. Toate produsele disponibile sunt supuse conditiilor stabilite de terti iar thebeautyreviewexpress.com nu este responsabil pentru acestea.

2. Component of the service contract

These terms govern your access to and use thebeautyreviewexpress.com services and serve as a legal agreement between you. and thebeautyreviewexpress.com. By accessing thebeautyreviewexpress.com and other uses of these services, you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions.

3. Terms of Service

The service provider must not provide the services in case of an electricity supply problem, data network failures, malfunctions in the information systems, other malfunctions caused by third parties or force majeure interventions.

During the provision of the services, intermittent interruptions, temporary restrictions, interruption or degradation of the quality of the services may occur.

4. Use of the Services

Access to the service is intended solely for the user.

The user is not authorized without the prior written consent of the provider to offer the use of thebeautyreviewexpress.com services by third parties or computer systems.

The user may not use software tools or systems that have or could have a negative impact on the operation of the provider’s equipment, the security of the Internet or other Internet users.

The user may not carry out activities aimed at preventing or restricting the operation of the servers of the provider on which they operate the services, or to carry out other attacks on this server, or to be assisted in such activities by third parties or systems. The server of the provider on which the service operates cannot be loaded with automatic requests.

5. Protection of personal data and transfer of information

thebeautyreviewexpress.com does not process personal data other than the user’s email address in the event of registration in the area specially designed for this.

The user has the possibility to give approval to the transmission of information and commercial communication related to the service. At the same time, the user can withdraw the consent at any time.

For detailed information on the Principles of Personal Data Processing and the Principles of Use of Cookies, please refer to the relevant pages that are an integral part of the Terms of Use.

7. Withdrawal of consent from the service contract

The user has the right to withdraw from the service contract, by sending a request for cancellation of the use of the services, from the e-mail address used at the conclusion of this contract.

9. Use of web pages

The user or other person who the website recognizes that without a prior written consent of the provider has no right to use the text, graphic elements or other protected elements located on the site that are protected by copyright.

The user does not have the right, in the process of using the website (server) of the provider to use systems, software or other systems that have or could have a negative impact on the operation of the website or servers.

The user is authorized to add information to the website. Reference is made here to the addition of comments (hereinafter referred to as ‘contributions’). The messages express the views of the authors and do not present the point of view of the Provider. The provider is not responsible for the veracity of the data contained in the contributions and the compliance of this information with the law.

The supplier has the right to eliminate any contribution without justification.

Contributiile devin proprietatea Furnizorului in momentul adaugarii acestora in website iar autorul acestora transfera furnizorului drepturile de autor asupra acestor contributii, chiar dacă ii apartin, dreprurile ce ii revin Furnizorului se refera, dar nu sunt limitate la: drepul de a utiliza, modifica, copia, distribui, prezenta, afisa public, prezenta public, reproduce, tipari, sub-licentia, transfera sau vinde orice astfel de comunicare si de a crea lucrari derivate, sub-licentiere catre terti a dreptului de a aplica fara restrictii oricare drepturi anterioare acordate in legatura cu aceste contributii.

By inserting the contribution, the user waives any right to reward and declares that he will not restrict the use of the inserted contribution.

The user is not entitled to any compensation for inserting the contribution.

The Supplier has the right to grant the right of use (exclusively or non-exclusive) of the contribution of a third person or party.

Contact information of the Provider: E-mail address: admin@thebeautyreviewexpress.com.

Last update 23.11.2022.